Kraton its over now for the kraton


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I just sold the Arrma Kraton as a roller and a few bodies. I got an offer when the esc burnt up. I sent the esc back but while waiting on the esc one of my friends co worker wanted to buy it as a roller and offered a price i couldn't say no to. I wish i hadn't sold all the other Arrma toys. But the good new im getting a Typhon roller locally and my motor ( tekin t8 2650 ) and new esc ( hobbywing max8 150a esc ). I plan on getting some foam tires and goal of a 100 has been upgraded to 110ish + mph. Im gonna buy a sea ton roller and make that the new basher. Loved the Kraton but $500 plus for it with no motor esc. But i did give up 5 sets of wheels and tires. And 3 bodies 2 after market and one depainted stock shell. O yeah I'm also keeping all my speed part putting everything stock back on spur gear diff complete stock gearing and all. I now have a ton of options ( 4.10 and 3.10 f/r gear ratio. And i m keeping my tool box full of spare parts.
I miss it already.