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So I finally got my Outcast today! Would've had it yesterday, but the post man took the package back to the post office instead of leaving it at the front office of my apartment. So I got it, and I looked it over. Looks really nice next to my Senton and Typhon. I checked for the screws protruding through the battery box, but didn't see them. Maybe mine has the right size screws. Also, I know Arrma is infamous for having the wheel nuts super duper ultra tight, so I got ready to struggle for at least 30 minutes like I did with my Typhon and Senton. But to my surprise they came off easy! I was shocked to say the least. Well, ill post more as i delve deeper into the Outcast.
Arrma has been really good for listening to what peoples complaints are. Apparently, they have fixed the battery tray screws in newer models. I am not 100% sure about the wheel removal, but apparently they listened to those complaints as well!

PS. Enjoy the Outcast!
Hihi, so the Outcast from Hypnotoad was build late in the evening after hundred of tighten nuts! ;)
I can't confirm the too hard tighten nuts on all of the four Neros here (two of them ours). All wheels was easy to unmount.
It was rather the opposite, the blue Nero of an colleague lost the fix nut while driving the first time.
He forget my suggestion to check all screws before the first run out of the box. :)

I also wish a ton of fun with you´re new Outcast!

I took the front wheels off the outcast this past weekend and they came off without issue. Mine is from the January batch.
@robl45 did you try taking off the pinion? If so, did it come off easy or was there a lot of res thread lock on there?
Heres how my Outcast sits right now. Going to change the diff oil, servo and motor mount and it will be ready. Working on the Typhon at the same time too.


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