K8s/max5 , 800 kv hW

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New to the 8s system any mounting tips on the max5 800kv combo any ideas would appreciate it

Wow, your's looks kinda tight!!!... might be time to get the dremel out!!!! I have a few 8s's all with different combo's, and they all have a "decent" amount of space... good luck, it's all part of the hobby!!!!.... Mike
I was gonna get a different. Steering arms and the m2c motor mount that should losen it up a little. That's on the stock mount by the way.
Yes m2c
Are you able to do a standing backflip?
Can you flip I the air and land with a 800kv and that gearing?

You can if you have traction. I think a 35-37 pinion would do better. Haven't tried one yet - will depend on steering clearance.
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That motor just fit in a v2 limitless but not by much. Thought I'd try 39-45 gears
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