Keep splitting middle roll hoop

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I've split my second middle roll hoop (roll bar/carry handle). For a heavy truck it can take a beating but this is a weak point for the way I drive. If I want to keep using the stock Big Rock body and mounts, what are my options? I was thinking of using the shorter Nero roll bar without the attachment to the front body mount. It's shorter and swept forward but it also won't support the taller Big Rock body.

What do you think and what are you guys doing if you have the same issue?
I have heard this is pretty common with the BR. Would reinforcing the roll bar with drywall tape and shoe goo help? Maybe something stronger?
Not sure it would or not but it's definitely an idea. There are 2 through holes on the top surface of the bar. I think I can Mickey Mouse a pair of thin aluminum bars and attach to these holes for added strength.
It looks like whenever the BR lands on its roof all of the force goes straight into that handle. Seems like a poor design. That handle should be a lot bigger and thicker. I don't see an easy way to improve that part.
I don't have the big rock, just the regular Nero, but I broke the front bumper loop and ended up fixing it with an aluminum plate. I got the idea from this thread. Scroll up to post #1.
I break that to. Glued a plexiglas and some jesustape.


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The plexi broken to. Plexiglas is to hard and not flexibel. Maybe when it is new and reinforced with plexiglas. Hmm but now we bash with broken middle roll hoop.
....curious... I do have the BR also, but no breakage of this part.
I always use it like a handle for transport while the body is unmounted.
In which situations you´re part break? While "landing" the car on the roof?

Are the hoops only breaking in the freezing cold or regardless of temperature?

Would fiber tape and shoe goo make a difference?
I am not sure, but maybe the cold temperature had influenced that. On the blue Nero of my girlfriend is a rim broken....
Specially the car which is most carefully driven but even when it was cold outside.. (total 4 Neros together with friends but different types blue, green BR). Anyway the rim breakage could also happened from a crash in the past. The others have no big issues till yet.
There is a plastic mold mark in the center of the roll hoop, mine used to break at that point. Took a ton of gorilla gel super glue (make sure u shake it violently for the best chemical bknd), let it set overnight and has not broken or cracked since. I even carry it with batteries glued and has not even cracked or budged since.
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