Ken Block has died.

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Let leave politics and religion from the forums. We RC to get away from that stuff.
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Let's not bring politics into this shall we.

That's a shame. I wonder how/if the brand/channel will continue.

I think at this point Hoonigan is too big to fail. Now Travis Pastrana is doing it so I hope he’ll continue especially to honor Ken. Plus everything else that the brand does.
Just awful. The interaction between him and his daughter in some of their race videos was beautiful. He was an amazing driver, but not what is what impressed me the most 🙏
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That's sad news. For what i learnt, he was a genuinely nice guy.

I remember bumping into him on the 2018 auto show in Essen, Germany. I was texting and not really paying attention, when i suddenly noticed almost standing face to face with him.

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