Kraton Kraton 4s motor swap


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So I was thinking of putting the motor and esc from an ftx DR8 in my Kraton 4s v2. Is this something anyone else has done and what were the results?
Would you upgrade the ESC as well? I’m not sure the ESC can handle the bigger motor.

What are your goals? Have you tried a bigger pinion?
Yeah I have a full DR8 car I don’t really use at the moment motor and esc are working perfect and can be used with 4s or 6s lipos.

My goals are just to create a monster lol, Dr8s are quite heavy cars and it will do over 50mph on 6s so I think in a lighter car it will fly, I’ve not messed with pinions yet but then I’m in the first stages of the build and trying to find out if it’s even possible to do it so who knows, I’ll keep you updated 😂
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