Kraton Kraton 6s - "TpParts RcXtreme Style"

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Not yet, but if everything goes as planned il be picking up a NIB roller this weekend. I am very excited about this truck, since the Granites that i own giving me great time at the gravelpit i have high hopes for this beast. It will take the TT e-MTAs place.

Hobbywing Quickrun 150A esc
Leopard 4-Pole 4092/1730 rpm motor
Savöx 1256TG
6s Lipo
Shockwaves or Badlands 3.8"

Since i do not like the stock lid at all ( even if im a huge fan of truggy look) and the Wing they will be changed to different..the Q is..what lid might fit..i used to run the BIG ZD-racing 1/8 MT wich is bigger then the the Ford F-650 might fit? Will run a 15 or 16T pinion due to the 1730 rpms...

100K in the middle for a start...7-10 rear and 15k front...have some small thing that i will do to get my "stamp" on it...cross the fingers..

Cya soon

I love the badlands way tons of grip!
I know the crew cab Chevy body proline fits as the bulldog too.
I am not sure if you are going to need to tape the tires but stock motor and 6s you really want to tape the tires or they balloon like crazy
I can't remember to be honest what is in the diffs anymore but I did switch it around a lot with weights and I just started taping. I haven't driven my kraton in about 3 months finally have all the parts going to put it back together soon. I am going to have to switch the oil after a few packs and I can let you know what is in it. But that isn't going to be much help as my wheels are taped
I never put 100k in my center diff, went through my oil and that was not one. I did just ordered a bottle and a new diff I am going to try it



ARRMA Kraton 6s "TpParts RcXtreme Ztyle"

Finaly...its done!!...

All black deanodized
Leo 4092/1730rpm
6s LiPo
Savöx 1256TG
Proline Ford F-650
Proline Shockwave 3.8/F11 rims
Drillbit mod in diffs
0.1mm Shim added betw O-Ring and pin in diff
0.3 shimed front and rear diff
7k - 100k - 30k
Custom cf reinforced wing/wheeliebar mount
TT MT4-G3 Wheeliebar

Painting the lid asap...will get some nice outdoor photos later befire hardcore bash

When I seen a new post in the Kraton section I knew it was this beast. As I already said it is so sick man. And that wheelie bar mod is something desperately needed.
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