Kraton 8S EXB! I’m back

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Just when I thought I was out, a $489 EXB pulled me back in! Couldn’t resist the value for the price! This is sturdy! I don’t bash and mainly street drive, but we’ll make the best of it.

After some searches and lots of reading, I ended up with a Castle XLX2 & a Toro Beast 780kv turning a 34/39. Running CNHL 9500mah w/ QS8’s. Running on a DX5 Pro. I did open the middle diff and pack some more 20M fluid while it was apart.

Really want to say thanks for all the great posts and info on this site! You guys are all stars



Street kraton 8s you say? Saw this today and thought it was great! Maybe it's up your alley 😎 👍

Welcome back
They look so nice when they are new.
I don’t bash, so it will pretty much stay that way. I’ll most likely get another “bash” body. Like the green one personally
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