Kraton 8S Wheelie Bar

I have the Arrma wheelie bar on mine, it works well as a wing protector.

I think I am going to buy one of the chinese ones on Amazon that have a grab bar built in though, just for the convenience. K8S EXB is HEAVY to carry when batteries are dead. lol
I do have one of the handle style; swapped out the heavy wheels it came with for Arrma wheels on my outcast exb project.

Yes I do .... Works great..... I recommend it, glad I got it.

The Stock Arrma wheelie bar is fine, but, as mentioned, the built in handle with this style is a very nice modification....

You can see the fitment on my build thread.... It is very well secured and it is NOT flimsy.... It is made to handle the 30 lbs....
Yeah, same one is on Amazon.

@joostin420 pic convinces me to get one... I was wondering exactly how big the handle opening is.
I'm 6'5", 300..... My hand fits fine....
I just installed one of those on my k8s and outcast. Handle makes it so much easier to carry that thing is a game changer.
100% yes
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Fits my fat ass hands too even with gloves on though with gloves I have to use a tiny bit of effort to get my hand in. They're definitely big enough.
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