Kraton kraton bash today

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grandson over ,he bashed my kraton ,on 6s he cartwheeled it about 6 full revolutions , no damage to report . it was a good bash
Lol... ueah my kraton had a rough day too but no damage... cartwheeled at almost wide open i wasnt sure it was gonna stop probably a good 50 or 60 feet before it stopped... i also ruined a brand new lipo today not impresses with myself... plugged in to wrong balance lead on my charger got rhem crossed some how and it was not good... 4.68v and it puffedbroke the hard case... already ordered anoher expensive lesson learned.
i didnt take my phone , watching him work it i was like dam i should have brought my phone .he done good .he`s 16 now .wants a good rc in a bad way but with the price of these things it wont happen . gonna buy him one for xmas but not a 500 dollar one
That's cool, getting ready to take my Kraton out for the afternoon.


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