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cw kraton v2

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debary fl
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I have an Arrma Kraton and have a couple tips that might help somebody. I suggest getting front/rear hub carriers first as I did, then a nice servo mount. GKA makes a really strong aluminum one for a good price. Also if u want to do speed runs like I have done before, hot racing has a center spool available that works good.


Didn't know that hot racing did a spool - looks like it's been added recently. They also do a servo mount now - great to see more and more hop ups available for the Arrma line.
Just ordered me some tkr6093/6083 springs. A little longer and harder, want a little taller ride height. Next I will be getting an new chassi brace from hot racing and 3 of their aluminum diff housings. Good strength upgrades. I will also be shiming all 3 diffs to make them bulletproof. If u don't know about this modification watch this video!
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