Kraton diff slipping?

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(Also posted int he Kraton subforum)
Hi there,
I got a new-to-me low use V2 Kraton. Two days ago I was running on 6s, in the snow, and had to end my run early because the diffs started to slip. The motor was turning but I was getting no tire rotation.
I let the vehicle dry out then ran it again today, there was less slipping but I still wasn't getting full power to the wheels. On my son's Stampede I can fix this issue by snugging up the slipper clutch.
Please advise me on what to do to fix this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Tried so far:
Checked pinion, it was tight.
Remove body and hold car on the ground, give some throttle and tell what parts are rotating and what is not rotating....could be many reasons

3 diffs so not sure which you meant :)
The motor rotates, the front and rear dogbones rotate. The dogbones coming off the outbound sides of the front and rear diffs don't rotate (probably can't because I'm preventing the truck from moving :) ).
Yup. Motor and output shafts from the center diff spin and front and rear diffs seem to not transfer the rotation to the front and rear axles.
I figured it out!
The left rear outboard dogbone is missing! It must have come out during my first bash and I never noticed.
Thanks for your help :)
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