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So I’ve known about this place for a while now, and have been a couple times with my smaller cars. I hadn’t had the Kraton at full health for a while so It had never been there. This past weekend I grabbed a 4S pack and a 6S pack, loaded the boys in the car and we took off. Upon arriving at the spot I notice that someone completely re-dug the RC track, making it much better. Before it was a tight track with a 1/10 car and the Kraton would have been impossible to navigate around it. Now it’s got some good turns, small but steep berms., a couple doubles that are legit, at least for a 1/10, The Kraton clears the landing by 15 feet. So I tooled around the track for a bit and when some guys showed up on their bikes, I couldn’t help but join them on the bike jumps. I really wasn’t going to try anyof them, because there wasn’t anyone there to watch. Besides, the outside berm on the track was enough to get 10 feet up and 20 or feet long, so I was enjoying it with out breaking anything.

Anyway, I walked around the bike jumps fr a minute looking for a good take off with a good landing spot. Once I found it, I made sure I was not going to hit anyone and they weren’t going to hit me. By now they realized I was about to throw this RC Car off the end of one of these jumps, they all stopped and come over to watch. The launch ramp was about 8 feet tall and was about a 60* angle at the top. The landing ramp (for the bikes) was about 10 feet tall and had about a 10 foot gap between it and the take off. I knew I had to clear the landing ramp and that it would be almost impossible to actually land on the down slope given the angles, trajectory, etc. So looking at the landing we have to clear a 10 foot ramp and then get to the bottom, which was dug about 4 feet below grade. So just falling from the top of the landing ramp to the bottom is roughly 14 feet.

I lined up the car about 25 feet back, eased into a nice ¾ throttle before I took flight. As soon as it left the ramp I was doubting Tekno had this in mind when they made the shocks I just put on. This was certainly the end of my day. It kept going up for what seemed like forever. The nose was high just from the angle of the takeoff, so I let off the throttle to bring it down and it seemed as if it was leveling out nicely. The I lost sight of it, as it went behind the landing rap. Totally blind landing, I hear the landing and it was quick and quiet. PHEW no crash!!!. At least 5 of the guys cheered as soon as it hit the ground. None of us could believe what this thing just did. None of us really expected it to work afterwards either. But I tapped reverse and brought it right back up to me, where I inspected it and found ZERO damage. From talking to everyone afterwards, we all think it was at least 17-20 feet higher than the first ramp. Which would put it between 25 and 30 feet off the deck and then 4 more feet to get down to where it landed. I couldn’t stop smiling for 2 days. It was awesome. And whether or not Tekno had this kind of jump in mind, when they built those shocks is beyond me, but they survived and are still as straight and as smooth as can be.

Who in their right mind buys a $500 toy, then puts $200 in batteries, and another $2-300 in upgrades, then throws it off a 3 story building? I guess we do.

Thanks for reading. I’ll have to video this next time, or at least get some still pics. I had my 5 year and my autistic 12 yr old with me so neither of them were any help with filming. One guy took a video but never sent it to me. You can look up the “Lake Forest Bike Jumps” on You Tube and find videos of the spot, both bikes and RC. Here are the coordinates if you want to see it from the sky. Pretty impressive considering it is all bootleg and dug by hand.

33.662383, -117.661167!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d33.662383!4d-117.661167
OK, this may be more shocking than an RC Spaceship on wheels (kraton), but here goes.

I am probably the last person you know who does not have a cell phone. Wife and daughter both have them, but I do not carry a phone. Or camera for that matter.

I'll go back soon and video it.
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