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Hobbywing ezrun Max8 esc, castle 1515y 2200kv motor, Team Losi 10.000cs diff fluid, t-bone racing thrasher v2 front and rear bumper, desert militia body... Also using dusty covers (size XL), but that´s more like an add-on..
Yeah I have the dusty covers 40 series beadlock from proline with trenchers, using vinyl base for mud flaps mamba monster 2 and I have 2 cheaper motors 2150kv gear shop and just got a ripper 2000kv ceramic bearings bull dog body savox servo. Getting carbon fiber shock towers and support bars next week.
OK swapping out the front and rear diffs with the talion 13 straight from the kraton 10 spiral. Once I get my new motor to test my esc if it is good will report back on the results.
Blew out my rear tire and bent my front shock now I suddently have trenchers Xs and a carbon fibre tower too.. Shock tower looks ultra beefy. Bent the tower hitting a thick wooden fence in a skatepark. Fence = broke straight off, Kraton = minor face lift. Same impact with my old revo would have put it in rehab for a month 
Im just about to order my first Kraton, Where do you buy the various upgrades like the Carbon shocktower and support bars?
I have a friend that makes them, I also know that someone in the UK is making them and selling on eBay. If you are interested in I can see if he has any.
De mudgaurds for RC8T, durango mud scrapers, kyosho springs(oraange), tekin 8 1700kv, hobbywing ezrun max 8, orion vortex digital servo.
Getting talion or durango axles and hubs next to shorten wheel base and improve turning is on the list.
Thanks Thomas, checking out your mods and videos helped inspire me. I want to build a swb like you did with the typhon chasis
One mudgaurd lost today bashing at bmx park, don't stay on well for as hard as I bash lol
Arrma kraton with teki t8 2650 23 pinion and 46 spur from a durango 408t. Im still running the stock esc. Changed all the fluids diff shocks . Proline bulldog body. And i just order src road crusher wheels and tires. Suposely they don't ballon at speed. Trying to get to 100 mph with a kraton.
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