Kraton Monster 8s Build

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Hey all,

I was a gifted a K8s roller for xmas, and I have finally decided what to do with it. Here are the parts list (so far - lol)

M2C Beefcake kit
Vitavon CNC Steering System
Vitavon Front/Rear Knuckle/Hub's
Vitavon Front/Rear Bulkheads
Vitavon Front/Rear Full Diff Case + Shaft set
Hobby Wing Max 5 ESC
Hobby Wing 1100kv Motor
RPM Arms - Front/Rear
Spektrum 9120BL Servo
Gearing 30/39

I have built some of it already, but that was before I received the M2C Beefcake Kit. There are probably some parts I'm forgetting to mention, but that's the gist of it. It's winter, so I'm gonna literally take my time building this monster. This K8 will mainly be for bashing, since I don't really see a need for speed. Plus, I really don't want to smash this into someone's leg. LOL - I'll keep this thread open little by little as I build.




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