Kraton, Nero, Fazon etc bumper lights

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I think you are better off, setting up 1 body for lights and another without. That set looks like you just ream a few holes in the body to fit the LEDS in. looks like little retaining rings will hold the LEDs in place. But you can attatch everything to the body, and just use that body when you want to drive at night. Otherwise check out the stuff the Scalers use, like Axial probably has some cool light stuff. As far as putting them on the Kraton bumper goes. It sounds like a cool way to break your lights. The bumper is there to bump, and the kraton is known to take some bumps.
I could be wrong though. Or maybe it's just a matter of personal preference. I just saw TBR is making a bumper for the Big Rock that looks friggin sweet, and comes with lights on the bumper. I don't think it's a fit for the Kraton, but it's cool none the less.
I am also looking for something like that. Normally i would prefer the lights mounted on the bumper, but i do not like the shape of the TBR. To make lights in the body looks more scale, but sometimes we are driving in the dark, so we need real lights that we can see something.
The pic is from my Patron which I got as an present. In the background to the right is the SC from my girlfriend and it´s modded by herself.

For the Big Rock I have no idea for the front yet....
For backlights i have done that!
Nice! Kraton is my first rc truck. I fly 90mm jets (Freewing F-15, and T-45). They come with really nice navigational and landing lights preinstalled. Arrma should beat out the competition and start preinstalling lights. Like you said it can open up night trucking. No for bashing but just for open spaces. What do you guys think.
If you need the lights just for open spaces, you can use the body as "light holder" and you can mount the LED´s into it.
There a lot of options concerning that. Like dpricenator already said, the chinese market has a lot light canisters for the roof in several shapes. For scaling (lights in original positions) you just can DIY on the body. So far i know, Arrma don´t have any light potions.
The lights positions on my BR are just a fake and do not allow to mound something without to weaken the bumper.
The most time I am running offroad, Therefore it makes no sense to mount lights into the body....
Maybe i´ll check for an different Body which will allow to mount lights, but actual it is not so important.
The Controller has also just 3 channels and will also not allow to switch lights on when you like.
In my SC, i have a 4Ch controller and can switch the lights independently from each other.
We will see, Arrma is jung in the market, but their cars are a really not bad and better than a Traxxas out of the box.

Hope you will find something which will fit to you're Kraton!

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