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Hi guys - I originally was very impressed with the Kraton but I recently decided on a Nero. I am still planning on getting a Kraton for my son and was curious about the ESC power. I see the new Kraton has a esc at 185 vs 180 for the older one. The Neros ESC is a 200. Now I know that the Nero is not 200Amps - its a 150Amp hobbywing. What is the actual Amps in the old and new Kraton? it cant be 180Amps and 185Amps....whats the actual amp power?
There are no rules or regulations for describing how much 180A on a electronic device really is.
For example the same applies for your amplifier at home to play music.
Some say it is 300W output, but reality is there are no official rules, which says what that 300W really is.
Is it during a 60 seconds period? Or 1 hour? Or just 10 seconds?
Nobody knows, and the manufacturers can put this down without any problem.
And for consumers this is hard to measure yourself, without having to invest in seriously expensive electronic measurement devices and test banks.

I do not like this at all, but this is consumer law's shortcomings.

Reality is that that HobbyWing ESC rated at 150A is capable enough to propel the default BLX motor.
If it burns, you can claim warranty.
But if you want to upgrade the motor only, than you are moving into the unknown.
I'm an old audiophile from the late eighties/ early nineties. If it says 300w it's 150 watts per channel if I remember correctly. So funny it's all now in ur phone.
Yeah I thought that 150a is the top of the line. How is the 180a in the Kraton 1.0? Also I noticed on ARRMA site that the Kraton is categorized as a "speed" monster truck while the Nero is just monster truck. Curious about that.
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