Kraton kraton size comparison to common r/c`s


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though some might like to see the size of the kraton compared to a couple most common r/c`s .

kraton compared to my colossus . the colossus is a 1/8th monster ,it still hovers over the kraton ,but the kraton would be wider


kraton compared to the 1/10th slash 4x4

kraton compared to the 1/10th traxxas rustler vxl

kraton xt90 compared to a deans plug these xt90`s are huge .i was going to convert to deans but these are a thing of beauty

Josh nortz

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, Nero,
Great comparisons! And yes - thanks to my two Arrma vehicles, I've now converted everything over to XT90.
I just had my Traxxas X-maxx converted to xt90 connectors because of my recent purchases of a Kraton then a Nero 2 days later... couldn't pass up Nero, lhs had one and he threw in free diffbrain upgrade... low and behold he was supposed to charge me for upgrade he misunderstood the supplier... well I told him I would pay and he said not to worry about it. Great service, now the only LHS I go to.

I have ordered a couple packs of connectors and will be swapping to all xt90 connectors on all my rcs running 3s and above... a Talion is next on my list of things to buy... as long as these two hold up i like the nero and the Kraton, just put t-bone bumper on front of the Kraton and a t-bone wheelie bar on my Nero. I highly recommend both of these things and a front bumper for the Nero will be soon. Love my Arrmas!!


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I just switched all my deans connectors to xt90 connectors as well. Worked perfect! I was having issues with the Kraton turning off then on again after a jump. Turned out to be a poor connection with the Deans plugs. After some "test jumps" yesterday, no more issues.

Oh! Almost forgot. Tip on soldering wires to xt90 connectors. Dip wire into some "solder paste" before you solder. This will draw the solder right into the wire for a solid connection.

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