Kraton Kraton V2 aluminium upgrades

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Aluminium upgrades or carbon Kraton v2 Steering block set, chassis braces, shock towers, etc...

GKA Chassis braces Kraton i already order this ones!
personally i had no problems at all whatsoever with the steeringblocks, they seem to be very durable ( and actually never seen any alu replacement, maybe someone else has?)
something like a fasteddy sealed bearings kit is highly recommended tho ;)

and also that bearing kit includes bearing replacement for the steering bushings, really nice
I thought the Nero had 3 ball joints ?

Oh....only the rear looks like it has 3.
Always speaking UNmodded, maybe not for the the Kraton v2


#AR330187 natively it is stated to be for Kraton v1, even if i don't know what differences are between the v1 and v2 steering blocks, if any...
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