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I have been told by several people the Teckno Orange Shocks 95mm in the rear and 90mm in the front, which I did and liked the difference in the ride. I have not yet replaced the shock oil, but was told 70 in the rear and 60 in the front. All they had was 80 so I bought it, we'll see what happens.
I use the following setup.. works great.. still need to grab some springs.

80w front shock oil
60 w back shock oil

I have heard these springs are excellent quality but I haven't figured out which set to get.

Xrays xt9 truggy
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I want to try the emulsion type of shocks rather than the diaphragm shocks. Tekno may have some that fit.
My rear has a lot of renound and wanted to put a bleeder screw in the cap to try the emulsion design but came across vrp gamechanger pistons that will work in the V3 siocks before buying the tekno shocks
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