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Ik it’s the wrong forum for this but hopefully someone has answers

I recently bought and built a kyosho fazer mk2 I haven’t even run it yet and I’ve already run into some problems

In short, The steering on it only works when the tires are very loose (they don’t run unless moved by back tires force) and when the tires are screwed properly the steering doesn’t work (it’s like stuck/tense)
The servo works fine and nothing seems to be broken in the chassis
Ps: I’m using 190mm calipers and using stock screws to put in the tires
Are the wheel hexes too deep? Maybe try putting a washer on before the wheel.
Was getting ready to say that 😂 along with even though the servo works does it have enough power to push them. Dunno what brand servo you have.. might also help to post a picture or a video of your issue. I’m sure one of us will point you in the right direction
i don’t have any washers of size right now but I have noticed that there’s a fine line between the tires being too tight and the servo not working and the tires being too loose while the servo works
I’ll try to upload 2 videos of the tires being too tight and loose

The calipers were just a little too small so the hex was in too deep, thank you all for helping
Maybe later I’ll use some washers but for now I’m using 200mm calipers
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