Las vegas saturday silver bowl bashers

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Vegas, NV
Arrma RC's
  1. Talion
Hey if anyone's from or visiting Las Vegas, NV and you've got a basher rig come hang out on Saturday mornings at the silver bowl RC park. Good group of guys with good sense of humor and good times!!! The more the merrier out there.
Hey woodie!!! Turn out is at least 2 guys and up. Last week saturday a group of nitro guys showed up and it was packed. Heard their track got closed for the season so think theyll be by more often.

My tiny but mighty typhon on the right.


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A fellow basher just recieved his first arrma (Talion). Cant wait to see it on the track. Ill post pics of it!!
Hey guys. New here. I've had my truck for like 10 years, but it's just been sitting on a shelf in my garage most of that time. I just started using it again, but never on a track. Can I just bring it out and run it? I don't have 2.4G, it's like 27mhz. How do I know someone won't have the same frequency?
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