Kraton Leaking diff?


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So i've been wanting to get back into RC after being away a long time and after reading lots of reviews I went with a Kraton. Was very excited when it showed up but that soon changed as I attempted to pick the truck up out of the box by lifting from the front and rear. Under the rear diff I pulled my hand away because it was very oily. So I haven't opened the diff up yet to see if there is gear oil still in the rear diff but I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this? It was shipped to me but seemed to be well packed and there was no damage to the box but lots of gear oil on the bottom of the truck and bottom of the box. Should I be concerned or just go buy some diff gear oil and refill it? Thanks.


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Did you take some pics? Arrma is very good about warrantee fixes. Go to the I wouldn't refill it without confirming that all the seals are there. Go to your exploded view and check everything out. Something could have been loose. Good luck!

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