Typhon LED lights & Shock Tower Guard

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Just finished adding front & rear lights to my Typhon - and rigged up a Front Shock Tower Guard as well.

Typhon Lights Front.jpg Typhon Lights Rear.jpg Typhon Lights Rear2.jpg
They work really quite well in the dark - especially the large headlights. I have the smaller interior front lights always on (Daytime Running Lights) and the larger headlights and taillights are connected to a channel 3 switch so I can remotely turn them on and off.

The taillights were easy - they are just RPM Slash taillights, modified with a few extra holes to fit the rear body mount screws:


The front light bar started life as a Proline Light Bar kit:


I had planned on using the 4-light mount, but it was too wide to fit in the location I wanted - the outer canisters rubbed on the shocks. I used the 2 ends from the 6-light mount to make it essentially a 3-light mount, but then decided I didn't like the 3 headlight look and stuck a small piece of aluminum angle in the middle location and fit 2 5mm white LEDs in there. I tied the top bar back together with heat-shrink tubing.

To mount the light bar, I sandwiched a small piece of 1/2 x 3/4 x 1/16 thick aluminum angle between the front bumper and the red front pivot hanger. I had to drill 4 holes - 2 for the screws and 2 for clearance for the pivot pins. A little trimming on the back side of the bumper and longer screws and it all fits nicely. Putting it in this location, in conjunction with the front bumper and the shock tower guard, means that the lights are pretty well protected in the event of a rollover.
Love this. Looks awesome!! You've inspired me to do similar. :)

What's the tower guard? I don't see one for Typhon on T-Bone's website...
I couldn't find a shock tower guard anywhere, so I had to make my own. I started with a piece of 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/16 Aluminum Angle mounted on the back side of the shock tower with the other leg going forward over the top of the tower. It did require longer upper shock mount screws to accommodate the extra thickness. I actually ran like that for a little while, but the leading edge of the aluminum angle would dig in when I rolled, so I decided I needed more of an inverted ski on the front.

The black part on top is actually a Stampede/Rustler/Bandit stock front bumper turned upside-down - I had one in my parts box. It has the letters TRX molded in, which are upside-down and looked silly, so I put the T-bone racing sticker (that came with the front bumper) over them. Between the guard and the front bumper my lights are totally protected; between the guard and the rear wing the body is totally protected. That little front bumper is a $3 part, so perfect for a sacrificial piece. After many months mine is scuffed but still doing it's job.
I know this is a bit necro, but I LOVE those lights and the custom tower guard. I really wish they made that guard - mine keep getting scraped up.
Giving a nice bump for this one... I really love the Front Shock Tower Guard, but the problem is that there is no good solution currently in the market for the Typhon. TBR is making an ugly front shock skid which completely covers the shocks and blocks entry to the front diff. Any other solution out there at the moment besides DYI?

Another option is to get parts of the 2018 Typhon with the shock protectors...but, it does not protect the shock tower.
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