Kraton Less of a build, more of a freshening up.

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After picking up my Kraton EXB from the devil book marketplace, a week or so ago I’m slowly going through it. So far I’ve rebuilt the center diff, (basically took it apart cleaned and re-oiled it), waiting for rear diff parts, and have straightened out a few screws that were installed incorrectly by previous owners. Also figured out this morning that the front upper A-arm mount has damaged set screw hole and missing the screw. Have ordered that replacement part as well.
All in all the RC just needs a bunch of tlc.

Well, finally got everything back together. Took it out this morning. Runs amazing….. Till you full reverse it into a 4x4 fence post. 🤣🤦‍♂️ looks like I need a new diff housing and a few other things. But man this thing is a riot. I’m totally addicted.



Damn dude!!!! How fast is your reverse???
🤣🤣 it seems ridiculously fast to me. But I only have my small 1/16 hosim amazon RC to compare it to. 🤣🤣
Lol and to be fair to the Kraton it probably weighs 3 times as much. Lots more mass to slam into a 4x4. 🤣🙂
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Well what a poop show on fricken parts. Called the hobby store today to check if the parts were in since I got done with work early. “Yup they’re in”. Ok sweet. Drove a 40 min there, (stupid fricken weather). And the ding dongs ordered the fricken 1/5 8S gear box. FML. Hopefully the gearbox, diff combo is for the right one. Lol. Or I’m gonna start throwing 💩. 🤣🤣🤣
Got my Jim’s bearings the other day. Going through and replacing everything now. Got a whole new steering assembly from Jenny’s and put bearing in it and just swapped the whole assembly over. Now I can just redo the extra assembly and have a spare ready to drop in.
Also had to replace one of the front knuckles as the screw piece that holds the pillow balls in the end of the a-arms had stripped the threads out.



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