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Honestly im not ready for lipos, so ive been trying to find out how to get my hands on their original batteries but I only see people on ebay sell it because they are not sold separately, but I have also been looking at venom batteries and I have one question, I have read reviews of it saying it doesn't hold its stated charge and I don't know if I should get one. I'm just new to the hobby... I think I'm just too cautious about everything... but if any of you have suggestions on reliable and cheap batteries Post them in this thread? (not sure if someone has made this yet).
But hey, thanks for welcoming me to the forum! :)
I picked up a tower hobbies branded 3000mah nimh and it has worked well for the money. I got it for 10 bucks but they are like $13 normally. My new charger said it was at 3400mah when I charged it yesterday.

I had the same mindset as you a month ago when I got my fury. My new lipos came in the mail today :)
@BFH you're going to like the LiPo's!
I got a $39 ebay brushless combo($20 120a tsky, and $19 3100kv) installed yesterday too. I'm waiting for it to dry up here so I can test it out. :)

The big realization came at the rc track when I spent the whole time turn marshaling waiting for my nihms to recharge after short run times. Everyone else was pretty much running non stop on lipos.
Hi @BFH could you post a link of your brushless combo?

Looks like the seller ran out of stock on the motor. You can get it from banggood though.


Here is the 120amp esc. (I had to buy and solder bullet connectors for this one)


Here is a couple combos with a 60amp esc.





You can find the finned can motors for a little cheaper. But those are really a 380 size motor and run hot compared to a true 540 can.

I have read mixed reviews on these super cheap brushless components. I rolled the dice and so far I haven't had any problems with mine. Just be prepared that you might get a dud.

I was able to program the 120a tsky esc with the hobbywing instructions. It has the 10 item firmware. You can reprogram with the updated 15 item from what I have read. And also use the hobbywing program card.
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