Let's post some pic of our rides!

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  1. Granite
There is my dynamic duo! The volcano truck is just the body thats a granite blx.....The truck with the blx body is a granite mega (my sons)
got me some red and blues for the roof and some super bright headlights!..... the reds actually change red and blue are from a toy sword and the headlights are l.e.d bulbs from a flashlight!
Holy crap @LunchBox ...Let me get my shades one...:cool:
I like...;)
Yeh man! Can't wait to drive it at night! Also I don't know how to post videos on here or I would have done that! I'll post some pics of the inside when I get off work. It a total DIY project cost me $3 for the flash lights and some material I had around the shop here.
Here is a few pics of the inside the body!
I used some regular l.e.d bulbs added some wire to them. Also added some wire to the little battery pack for the flash light as an outside power source and no added weight!.... not a good bashing body but awesome for those late night fixes you make and are dieing to try or if u get the urge to drive at night like me!
That's some nice DIY...I don't have anymore spare bodies to try this on...But when I do...I will rip this idea and use it...:D
Go for it buddy! Thats why I shared it it's nice to have lights and not drain your battery and shorten run time!
@Aflan if u do try this if u use and battery pack as I did. When u soldier your wires on the pack u must file the zinc coating on the two ends.... also before u put it kn your truck test the pack to make sure your connections are good. I went through 2 packs the first on got really hot and I couldn't touch it. Assuming the connections on the pack it self wasn't good I melted the plastic a little when I connected the wire!...... good luck!
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