Let's see those Pet pics

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with @WoodiE 's blessing...... here's the pet thread ....... let's see those "mans best friend" pics. Here's my two!
View attachment 6188 Bought a set of X-rays and blood work on my daughters poodle...... thank goodness she's ok. Oh what we do for our animals!! I know there's some of you out there who know what I mean!!! My garage buddy is a border collie / chow mix.
Anyone up for starting a pet thread?

Those vet bills will take a good chunk out of the ole RC budget, that's for sure!!!
They sure do Rdub. Glad she is alright! It's like one of your kids are sick. When we first rescued our Harley, she got sick twice from what we think were mushrooms in the yard. It was horrible.

Hey Justin!
Here's a link to the thread you requested:
BTW, when do you get to take the Outcast for Her maiden run/bash?

Oh, I so hear you.
Had a cat for 22 1/2 years.
The last 4 years, She needed heart medicine dose, twice a day.
Didn't matter it was tuna flavor, it wasn't her decision so she didn't like it.
Also had to give her a needle to put electrolytes under skin, 2 to 3 times per week.
It wasn't EZ, she gave me a time here and there, then after a year decided that was done, then succumbed and got pretty docile while I administered it.
Was it worth it?
Hell yeah!
The day after she passed on, to wake up and not have her snuggled up to me and wife, where she'd been almost all our marriage was just wrong.
We have a cat that my Wife got as a kitten when we were still dating. Now he's 15 or so years old and still kickin.
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Introducing the ferocious and deadly killer of the east coast... I introduce...

And out old man Harley ( we will be changing his name to kawasaki cause we all knoe they're better than harleys)
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