Let's See Your Single Cab Bodies!

Only my 1/10 scale 1946 Dodge Power Wagon crawler.



Only my 1/10 scale 1946 Dodge Power Wagon crawler.

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Very nice! I have my little scx24 but man I want to get a 1/10 crawler, just so many options and all around the same price it seems, about $400 which puts it on the probably never list for me lol. So then I started browsing kits and there a ton of those as well, and all around the same price $250 which is much more doable for me but.... what the heck to choose?? Axial, Redcat, Element... I'm leaning towards Axial because I like HH's exploded views, but I may just be spoiled by Arrma - I'm sure all the trucks come with exploded parts diagrams lol.
Don't underestimate Element, I have three of their 1/10 trucks and they are great crawlers.

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I've admired these rigs before.... I'm in no way ready to buy yet so I'll keep daydreaming and quietly soaking up information about them all, I'm sure eventually one will speak to me enough (and I'll have the cash) to begin. Almost positive I'm starting with a kit though, want my rig to look as original as possible when I'm done with it. I love my scx24 Gladiator, but I feel like I see them everywhere... the price on it was right though (traded for it) so I can't complain too much, at least I have that little truck!
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