Life with the Arrma Nero

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Ok so I have had the Nero without the diff brain since July 1st and so far it's a blast. I ordered a set of max amps batteries for it and while Max amps themselves were stellar to deal with I cannot say the same for the USPS. These are the batteries I purchased.

However, not long ago I had a bit of a problem with the truck, you can read about it here.
I just got word from Arrma today and they sent me everything I needed today except some bearings that are on backorder. All I can say is that they just earned another customer for life. Both Arrma and Max amps have given me exceptional customer service.

Also, I just put a set of Proline Trenchers on today and in combination with the batteries it's wild!
With the Dboots sand scorpions I could go WOT no problem, with the trenchers I run out of yard way too fast.

Here is some pics of the trenchers mounted on the Nero. On a side note I think I figured out why my pics stink. Taking them with a 4 year old cell phone. Too cheap to get a new one. Would MUCH rater spend my cash on toys,,,,,:D
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Looks awesome...I'm convinced...will get those those batteries really scream...need to get better quality batteries myself...and i always see vids praising on max amp batteries...

good job dude. ..
Looks great. I'm running the 9000 mah 7.4 volt set of max amps I bought for my summit.. and this thing flys.. I can't imagine it at 6s.. just has to be crazy insane
That looks great with the trenchers. As far as max amps batteries go, my buddy has a set of 6000mah 3s 100c maxamps. I run 2 5000mah traxxas batteries in my xmaxx, when i had the mmx in it i ran 4 of the traxxas batteries, his max amps made my now stock esc and motor preform like 4 of the traxxas batteries. Yes they are awesome. A few things to know is their lifetime warranty is not lifetime, after 1 year they will replace them at 1/2 cost if need be. For 300 bux i can get 4 smc or spc racing batteries. With the same warranty. Maxamps "true" c rating is bogus there is no industry standard to test c ratings they can claim whatever they want. Yes the batteries are nice. Are they nice enough to get i don't think so. I have sold all of my traxxas batteries will be changing conne tors on my xmaxx to xt90 and i have some duratrax onyx batteries to try 5400mah 3s 50c. I will keep you posted on my findings also i will be buying some other brands to compare to the maxamps. I think they are expensive and if i can get 4 batteries and run 2x as long then its silly to spend that kind of $$$ to bash... if i was a racer i would spend the $$ no doubt maxamps are good high-performance batteries. Not bashing maxamps just think they are pricey and the lifetime replacement warranty is good for 1 year then you pay... my traxxas batteries all puffed and were replaced by traxxas they were 3 months old and they gave me a hard time... needles to say im not buying traxxas any more especially the batteries. I love my maxx and my stampede, however if my arrmas were ru ning neither truck would get any runtime. Ordered spare parts for my arrmas the nero is just waiting for me to finish smart diff install...have had the maxamps in my kraton and the nero they worked awesome i feel they are grossly overpriced tho.
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