Outcast Lighting options ???

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Hello and good day, I'm new to the RC world and thought why not start things off right and and picked up an Outcast. I love the truck and think it's a great piece of kit. I was wondering about putting some lights on it because up here in the great white north(northern Ontario) its getting dark around 4:20 pm. I've looked and looked and I can't find anything about anyone putting lights on an Arrma. Please help !
Hi Climbhigh,
There is actual no option with lights for arrma models, except you are makes brain working an diy.
Maybe you can also adapt light options from other models, but it will not be so easy.
I have tried to do so at my Nero Big Rock but just rear lamps till yet, for front lamps I still think about to find the right way.
T-Bone racing has a front bumper with lights in it. It is surly functional but I do not like the shape of it.

Mainly i also did not like to make holes into the body and so i try to mount lights to the chassis.
My backlights look so->


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Cool thanks. Sounds like I'm going with plan B than and duct taping a blue glow stick on the front bumper and a red one on the wheelie bar. I just need to know the front from the back. It tricky as hell being a newbie and driving this thing on the ice covered roads. Lol
You just need LED´s, some resistors, plugs and cables. And some Ideas! :)
The light bar of my short course truck is from 12 White High Power LED´s... I guess they was from Cree.
4 red LED for backlight an 2 for brake.
For the Big Rock I just need an Idea for the front without to change the original front bumper.
Maybe i have new ideas next year! :)

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