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Arrma RC's
  1. Fury
Just installed a led let set in the body of my arrma seeing how i use it alot at night.

its great being able to see where the car is to when ripping up and down the road

It's a Integy led kit, 4 white lights and 2 red, at 1st i was a little disappointed that the red ones were not wired long enough to fit in the back of the body but i kinda like where they ended up, a little higher makes them much easier to see further away in the night time.
Here is my light setup on my fury, 5 white led bar on the roof, a 4 led(2blue,2red) police light bar on the front bumper that do have four different flash patterns, and a set of red led strips under the body


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Thanks, The pics don't really do the lights justice lol the police lights alone light up the outside of my shop building with the truck 50 feet away from it lol
The roof lights and the police lights I power off my rx on a "y" splitter and the red under body lights are powered by a 9v with a toggle switch
Very happy with my proline 6" ledbar it runs 6-12v so i have it on 3s and its really bright even at long distance and total darkness lol


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