Limitless limitless lighting options


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I'm thinking about adding some lights to the Limitless (Stock Body) and looking for some options. It doesn't have to be aircraft landing lights, just something to help with visibility and ideally controlled (on/off) via a remote via a channel with a controller.

The controllers are pretty easy to find.

Earl has one video where he installs light, but doesn't say (or I didn't catch it) which kit it is. It looks like maybe a generic kit.

Polo Creations has a very intricate lighting kit, but it might be over kill?

A more generic kit with 3D printed parts. Which looks nice but I'm sure it will break.

I've also found more generic option from Integy. And when I crash I won't cry about my $100 lighting kit getting destroyed.

For the front, I'm thinking 3-4 LEDs per side. If they are mounted to a PCB I can double side tape them to the front wing. The rear I have mounting option with all the monkey bars and diffuser.

Crazy ideas welcome.


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The polocreation limitless kit is the only kit of theirs that I think is better than the competition. Just get the rear and front lights and not the whole kit. Will save money and they're the best parts.

That's front and rear limitless lights and 3 led strips under body 🤣