Limitless to FC100 GT conversion


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Has anyone done this and give me some part numbers?
I know in my head that i have to buy the body mount f/r and any foam?
What about the limitless splitter?
Does it have to change?
Also, what for screws and nuts do i have to use.
are there any sideskirts ?
I can look into exploded view from infraction......BUT maybe someone has done this already and will help me

EDIT : i figured myself out with the exploded view.....thread can be deleted
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The FC 100 body should have a Front splitter that matches the shape of the bodies forn air dam. The proper setup for best passes. Some machining and modding will get you there.
She is done


Today i mounted the stock wing but don't drill holes, just glued with double sided tape.
When going real speedrunning i still can remove them and change to winglets.

Today was my first little ride outside with the v2 and those titanium skidplates are dope af! Everyone should use them 😎

What electronic system you have in it? Sharp looking car man.
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