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Arrma RC's
  1. Talion EXB
  2. Typhon 6s
So I have a dilemma, Im thinking about upgrading to a v2 limitless, I have a v1 that I've been using and just kinda want v2 instead, if I put the spectrum 150amp esc and motor that comes stk in the Typhon and talion etc, would you say asking 400ish plus shipping would be to much, has gpm center diff cover and bearing mount, transformer painted body that I dislike and the stk tires, I will send esc and motor out of car unless want installed also has infraction center diff
post it in classifieds at a certain amount and just put $asking price (I would recommend including shipping in asking price) or best offer.
If you need to find an approximate shipping calculator, UPS has one online.

If you want you could buy the v2 chassis, MM, dirveshafts, and parts from @LicketySplit
He already inquired. It’s pending local pickup today. If for some reason it’s not picked up I’ll update the for sale thread.
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