Limitless Limitless with REAL Aero Components - 3D Resin Printed

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Some of you may have seen my post in the speed demons sub-forum, but I'm posting here to get the credit for a build log. Here you'll see my progress of my Limitless, not just the aero stuffs. I'm what you call a "hobbyist aerodynamicist", I like looking at aero parts and figuring out how they work. Some day I may figure out how to run some of these parts through some sort of CFD.

I do all of my own CAD and 3D printing (these are all resin printed parts, strong and smooth!) Being able to design parts and having a resin 3D printer is really a double edged sword... by the time something is done printing, I've already come up with a new idea! I can't tell you what my junk parts box looks like, it's rather embarrassing. HA!

If anyone has designs or thoughts they want printed, feel free to PM me, I'm always willing to help!

Here's where I'm at right now:


Some of my Rear wing designs... this one is high downforce, meant for more bashing:


And low downforce for speed runs, but still great stability with low drag:


I'll keep updating this thread as I make changes.

Here's my thread from the Speed Demons sub:
Super talented! I imagine your going to be real busy, real soon! đź‘Ź (y)
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