LiPo cutoff to low?

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Just bought a Granite BLS and after trying the stock NiMH I decided to use my 5000 mah 7.4v LiPo. Switched the ESC in LiPo mode but found that the low voltage cutoff kicked in way early at nearly 3.8v. Is it suppose to cut in so early? Is there any way to change the setting to something lower?
I would bet you have a bad battery and your voltage is dropping more than normal under load. At rest it will show something higher. Typically, a pack in this condition also can't be brought up to 4.2v. It will come off the charger a few tenths lower.

I have the blx ESC, which may have a different cutoff, and I have actually found the cutoff lower than I'd like it.
Thanks for the reply. It is indeed an old battery. Might be time for a fresh one.
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