Little video of our SC6.1's at our LHS


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Sat is open practice at our LHS RCMadness , so my daughter and I and a couple friends we race short course with all went to run some laps . I put the GoPro / Proline Blockbuster body on my friends truck and had him run some laps for some on board footage , then just put the camera at the corner of the track to catch some clips . Being open practice there are always other trucks / buggies / etc out there and sometimes the " kid with the Slash " LOL that is out there also trying to have some fun , but sometimes that turns into broken parts for us as they tend to somehow find us and hit us !!! LOL We refer to it as " being Slashed !!! ) LOL . My daughter doesn't have as much coverage as my friends and I as she was full speed hit by a Slash and broke a rear arm on her truck .
I am the Copper truck , daughter is the Pink / Yellow , my friends are the Black / Blue and White / Burgendy mix . ( Not the White slash ) LOL