Outcast Little worried about running 6s in it don't want to break it first day! Any suggestions?

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Did you buy a single 6S battery?
Or two 3S?

If the latter, you can run a single 3S battery. It's not advertised in the marketting literature, but clearly documented in the specs that the ESC can run on 3S.

3S is half the speed of 6S, so you will get around 23mph with the 12T pinion, and 30mph on 16T. Less likely for carnage, and still good fun for smaller play areas.

On the other hand, if you choose a battery with a low discharge rate, you have the potential cause damage to the battery.
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I have two 3s 5000 mah 50c
Also 2 smc 3s 9000 mah 60c only one would fit.
Just ordered the outcast today. Not sure if I want to start out with straight 6s
I have two 3s 5000 mah 50c
Also 2 smc 3s 9000 mah 60c only one would fit.
Just ordered the outcast today. Not sure if I want to start out with straight 6s

Try the lower weight 3S battery (5000mah one) and see how you like it before buying a 4S. The power/weight is balanced- the downside is that because the car doesn't lose traction you won't be doing wheelies or backflips like the marketting material.
Get on the 6s strait up it is brilliant!!!
Bought a 4s for my son he loves it just gets a little boring for me.
The 6s gives it the grunt to backflip. Fun !!!
Thanks man crazy u broke mail box

Yup. Kraton on 6s. Son lost control, jumped a curb, and hit the mailbox in the air. Knocked the mailbox off the post - Mailbox flew further than the truck... LOL.
Look at it this way: Your car has a lot more power and speed than you can ever use on the road without harming yourself, someone else or destroying the car and or some property. Your RC vehicle is the same. Just because 6s gives you unlimited power does not mean you have to use it. Judicious use of your trigger finger will prevent damage and give you massive run times.
You could lower the punch in the ecs to lowest setting. This will help protect the drive-train. Also like some folks said, if you take it easy it will go a long way to not tear stuff up. Then there is the regular suggestions: Don't land jumps going full throttle, be carefully in high traction surfaces and try not to do tricks way above your skill level. Also if you are jumping, try to land on soft surfaces.
Good input thanks man!!
I started with 4s 5000mah 50c hardcase. Outcast wheelie's and backflips no problem due to SWB design. I only run 6s now for the most part, cuz I'm a speed junky. That said, by design you can only accelerate, turn.. etc so fast due to massive torque, big knobby tires, and generally tall ride height. You certainly can lose control easier on 6s if you aren't focused on what's around you and what you're doing. That's why I prefer 6s. I feel totally focused on what I'm doing more so on 6s then 4s. Both are fun cuz the truck is loads fun in it's own right. I'd just caution you about higher speeds. Very forgiving rig, but like anything, more speed can lead to more damage if you screw up or hit something you didn't see. You'll adjust to whatever you choose to run, just keep it fun!
I'm using 2x2s and 1x4s but they are really good, and very expensive for me it's more than enough. I use batteries from rc pro style the 7.4v as 7500 mah at 120c, and the 4S as 6600 mah at 110c, the only inconvenient is that I need to be very careful with the voltage or i will damage them.
Ive never run 4s on my outcast. I only have two 7600 mah 3s hard cases. It' all about trigger control. Don' full throttle unless the runway is clear!
I bought 2 3s batteries and charger onyx 245.
The outcast comes with a battery cable accessory so you can run on one 3s to start.

On 6s the outcast is unbelievable!!
I’m a fng when it comes to these RC’s.
And I seem to break something every time lol!

But after replacing two a arms, I went 3s until I got the hang of it...
But now 6s!!
The Onyx 245 is a nice charger that charges two batteries at once...
The batteries are 5400 mah I believe... 50c.

Nice batteries, good power & life...
I didn’t expect to spend so much, but it’s a great hobby, and the amount of fun to cost ratio is high!!

The repairs are fun, once you get some parts inventory at home... waiting sucks, but is what it is...

Sorry, crippled mechanic stuck in the cabin too long!

Start with 3s, nothing unmanly about it!
Once you get some skills, go 6s!!
My suggestion - Run 4s first.

All 3 of my Arrma 1/8 cars - I like 4s better than 6s. 6s is just too uncontrollable, and I end up breaking stuff. Like the neighbors mailbox... LOL

Ya this is what 6s just did to my beadlock tires. Second run on the new tires on 6s crazy 17t pinion 100c batteries punch 9 ruined lol
That sucks!
I blew a tire on mine, but it's not so close to the rim.
I stitched mine up with heavy black spiderthread fishing line I had.
I didn't have tire glue (none that wasn't hardened like diamonds).

So I tried Black RTV silicone.
RTV stands for Room Temperature Vulcanizing, so I thought why not?
It looks like a Frankenstein monster tire, but it worked.
Tho, total disclosure, I didn't have much life left in the batteries, but the few minutes
I drove it, it worked...

But, maybe with the beadlock off, you'll have room to stitch the tire up?
I mean, out of balance sucks, but these big rubber, beasts, big lugs, crazy power...
a little fishing line & some RTV is worth a try...
Good luck!

Upon a second look, those look like no bead left...
Sorry bud...
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