Looking at a couple new trucks

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Des Moines Iowa
Arrma RC's
  1. Senton 6s
I have a senton and kraton, and my son is getting the outcast and wife wants Nero with brain. I'm torn between the Nero and outcast for myself. I'm going to bash my truck hard and I can't decide between these trucks. I hear the Nero has problems with pins breaking and rocker arms breaking. The outcast I have yet to read anything negative about it. I was actually considering the big rock cause of the bigger shafts for only 50 more. I will have access to both but more so hers which is why I was going to get something slightly different. Then the cen colossus caught my eye at my lhs but I'm afraid getting parts for it might be hard. Then I hear if I have the kraton it's very similar to the outcast, so I'm lost as to what I want.
Lol nope no Traxxas trucks for me for one over priced and break more than my arrmas, guess that's why parts are everywhere because they break more than most.
Agreed! Boycott the corporate sue happy company that Traxxas has become. I almost bought an X maxx til I became informed of Traxxas' corporate stance.

I own both the Outcast and Nero. They are both great in their own right. The Nero does have a couple small issues that can be fixed with a trip to the hardware store. The first time I took it out, I was concerned about its durability, but after replacing rocker posts with hardened bolts and moving the shocks inward, I've had zero issues with it and has been driven pretty hard. The Outcast is too new to me to give a durability opinion on but have heard it's pretty solid. To make it simple..if doing general bashing with some smaller jumps, get the Nero. If you want insane fun on bigger jumps, get the Outcast. The Nero is more controlled for sure but the Outcast is a riot to drive (in a good way). You won't be disappointed with either. If you go with the Nero, get non diff brain so you can tune your diffs, IMO. Good luck!!
I own a Nero, Kraton, Talion and an Outcast. For hard bashing, stay away from the Nero. I love the Nero for flat running or very small jumps. The Outcast is just ridiculous, off the charts fun and durable, Kraton and Talion are fun, fast and durable. Any one will blow the doors off the xmax mentioned in previous post.
....Outcast vs Nero.... you can´t really compare.
The chassis design ist total different and the drivability also.
Sure that an > 6 Kg car will have more "smash force" than a car which is much lighter.
Thats the main reason that the most people break their Neros if you drive this heavy truck like an lightweight 1:10SC.
Also you have to compare the wheel stand. The Outcast is designed for an total different purpose.
I have not the Outcast but Nero BR and several other RC-Cars of different brands in size 1:43, 1:36, 1:24.1:18, 1:10 on / offroad and sure the Nero with 1:8. But no Traxxas in the house! ;-)
The Nero is a league by itself also of its weight... To be honest, I never had so much fun with RC Cars in the past like with the Nero and actual I drive no other car since more of three months except an modified 1:10SC for hard ground (street tires).
I never changed my SC- tires to offroad types since the Nero is in the house...

After I bought my BR, my girlfriend had buy an Nero blue, a week later two of my colleagues also had buy their Nero (one blue/ one green).
We are not the hardcore basher but we have really a lot of fun with our cars. OK, the Nero is relative new and have several weak points, like a ...underdimensioned servo for it´s wheels, but mainly it is OK.
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