Looking for these Losi Lasernut wheels


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I got a Lasernut from my good friend in CA to be shipped to me soon (not the one pictured). I do not like the stock wheels and tires. In addition, reviews show that stock tire hex is too shallow. I do not like the stock taller tire either.

(Pictured below) I like this look of rim and tire height. Any suggestions or links to this rim? I think I have seen the tire on Amazon...tho it could be a cheap tire. Rims I am after or open to suggestions over the stock setup. Thx

I like the smaller tire look... looks to be 2.2 rims... I'm also happy with 2.2/3.0

I put a set of TRX sledgehammers from a Hoss on mine. Had them laying around, figured why not. They are 5.25" tall. Look good, handles pretty good too. I did have to thin down the wheel at the hub to keep the wheels from binding against the hub carriers. I would suggest 2.8 wheels and tires. Plenty of options out there.


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