Notorious Loop coming out


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Why does the circuit battery loop want to come out so easily, ame with the ic5 and ec5? And what can you do to prevent them from falling out?
Which circuit battery loop? Like the little jumper plug if you're using a single 6S pack as opposed to a pair of 3S packs? Like The Bean said, a zip-tie would work. And wouldn't risk leaving sticky residue, unlike duct tape.

If you wanted to make it easily removable, I've used bread twist-ties, for securing things like servo extension or splitter cables. They just hold the two plugs together. Not fancy, but I can take them off without needing tool, and reinstall them without needing a replacement available. And they don't need to be very strong. You could probably do that here, as well.
Razor blade trick.. spread the terminal fingers a tiny bit so the connector fits tighter on the bores..
I use a small Phillips head screwdriver it spreads them evenly.
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