Loose transmission ?


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Hi everybody. I am the owner of a pre-2014 Granite BLX, and I have a transmission issue with it. Here's my story and I hope you guys are gonna be able to help me because I have very little experience in the technical RC issues.

One day I needed to tore apart the truck and the differential to get access to the gears, and I saw I had stripped one of the gears literally in half.
I replaced the gears inside the differential, with the #AR310378 "Diff gear maintenance set".
After putting eveything back together, back on the road, I heard a kind of grinding noise, and in fact when pulling the trigger down, the motor would spin, but the wheels would not turn or at least not at full capability. When I turn manually one of the wheels, the other don't turn, or turn in the same direction, so the diff isn't making its job right.
I looked at everything, the bearings, the gears, eveything in the transmission is good, except for the diff oil which is really black.
So my best guess is that I am not doing the right things when putting back toghether the differential. Are there any special steps or things to do when putting this thing back together ?

Thanks for attention and support.