SOLD / FOUND Losi Mini B Pro Roller Complete

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Hobby shop put it together for me…

LIKE NEW… Asking $225 Shipped

1/16 Mini-B Pro 2WD Buggy Roller

Dynamite Brushless Motor/ESC 2-in-1 Combo 6000Kv

Dynamite 7.4V 800mAh 2S 50C Hardcase LiPo Battery EC2

Spektrum SLT3 3-Channel SLT Transmitter with SLR300 Receiver

SX107 Micro Analog Metal Gear Surface Servo

Losi Mini-B Pre-Painted Body & Wing (Blue/White)

MIP Shiny CVD Kit: Losi Mini-T 2.0, Mini-B

Machined Aluminum Motor Plate: Mini-T 2.0, Mini-B

Pivot Block Set Rear, Aluminum: Mini-T 2.0, Mini-B

Camber Block Front, Aluminum: Mini-T 2.0, Mini-B

I think there was a few other items just can’t remember them all but the hobby shop did it up really nice and then we just never had time to get to the hobby shop and race over the winter.

I recently bought another one so we could take them to the hobby shop track this weekend and then I ended up selling it. Never made it to the hobby shop once again…

Just need to get rid of this one and then buy the kids an XMaxx or XRT 😎 It’s about time to get thrashing outside in the warm weather and my venture with these Mini B just didn’t work. Will trade for XMaxx or XRT!! 😂






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I just HR’d mine to the max but GLWS. Good deal actually!
I live in a rural area my driveway is dirt lol It’s only useful at the local carpet track but I haven’t made it there yet 😂
There were a lot of guys running these at the indoor clay track this weekend. Definitely peaked my interest seeing how well they handled.

GLWS….gotta finish my Senton SCT tracker rebuild project before my next purchase otherwise I’d be interested.
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