Lost front wheel drive

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Geelong , Victoria
Arrma RC's
took the outcast out for a bash today on 6s had a few crashes nothjing too bad. Did cross paths with a savage xs but didn't break anything on mine. But a few minutes later I flipped it doing a wheelie and after that I lost all drive to the front. All all drive in general. Makes a grinding kinda noise when touching throttle. I'm thinking centre or front diff or both ? Any help is appreciated. Thanks lads
Must be the front diff If you still have rear wheel drive. Hard to tell without seeing it. Can you upload a video?
Thanks boys , will have a sus in a few hours had a few tips from other forum. Will post a video if I get stuck. Thanks again
Ripped the front diff out, this small washer or whatever u wanna call it was just chillin in there like in the photo. Looked in the manual and I don't think it's suppose to be there, it looks slightly too big to be a cover to the bearing, the other side that bearing doesn't.
What's it doing in there ?


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Yeah that's a tough one, but it does slide in the gear box on the very outside edge of the one side. My guess would still be the inside of that diff has bigger issues.
That's a shim to keep the diff in contact with the input gear. If it wasn't seated correctly, the diff could have been moving back and forth and away from the input gear just enough to ruin your day. I added one to the other side also just to keep the diff centered.
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