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Thank you guys for talking me into getting an Outcast. Got to be the funniest truck on the planet. This thing is ridiculous. Already pulling off standing backflips, rolling backflips, jumps awesome, wheelie on demand, fast as crap. Puts a big smile on my face, and my neighbors. Love my Kraton and Talion for under control bashing but for sick, insane fun...Outcast wins. Funny thing is, on 3s, it handles tight tracks like a pro. 6s is just insane fun. Arrma hit a Grand Slam with the Outcast.
Glad you're digging it OF. I love mine too and so do my kids. Every bash with her feels like a new adventure. There's a reason why I sacrificed my Kraton front/rear to build my son his own Outcast. Now we can have a dual SWB bash together, super fun for sure, and the Kratons back up and running to join the party of course.
Yes my 7 1/2 year old loves his outcast. I do too. Honestly one of the most fun RC trucks since the clodbuster. It is standing up to major abuse too as my kid abuses this thing like its his job. However we have broken off the wing and rear swaybar mount and its annoying because they are just poorly designed parts. Tiny self tapping screws to mount the wing? Not straight through bolts to mount the wing? That would have cost an extra nickel or maybe 3 pennies? And the rear swaybar? tiny piece of plastic with 2 screws that hold it in place? And if the tiny piece of plastic that should have 4 screws gets damaged, buy a new diff case to get said plastic. We took the sway bar off and wing is likely going to be sitting on the garage floor. Just ticks me off that Arrma would make an awesome truck and overlook this stuff.

Oh yea, my truck came with defective steering tie rod links. Luckily I had ordered a set from Tower as spares as I called Arrma and they said they would send a set. That was over a month ago.
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