Outcast LSD washer bend a little?


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I got an arrma outcast and haven’t ran it yet and had to fill up the center diff fluid( basically empty) took everything out and wiped it down just for fun, put everything back properly or at least I thought I did, and everything was in the right order and once I got it all screwed down the diff didn’t even want to move, and noticed when I took it back apart there was a slight slight bend in the limited slip washer where the center sticks out the slightest bit further than the edges, is that normal?


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Sounds like you overscrewed it back together. Back up the four screws a bit and see if you can turn the diff.
Otherwise take apart the diff and see put together one half of the diff. See if you can turn the outdrives. If both halves of the diff work properly, put the oil in and put it together. Slowly tighten the four screws, turn the diff by hand, tighten a bit more etc. until you feel some binding. Losing the screws a bit to the previous position.
FYI. The Arrma gaskets are very very thin allowing to overtighten. Have a look a Tekjo gaskets, they are 50% thicker and won’t let you overtighten (unless you use way to more force).