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Hello all,

I got an interesting mishap this weekend...o_O
I was test driving a traxxas emaxx I have been restoring the last couple of months...I burned through my first set of batteries with no problems...The second set was much more interesting......:eek:
Both lipo's popped and started smoking...I got them out in time, so no damage was done to the
traxxas emaxx...Butt the lipo's look like they will be a write off...:(

My questions is as follows: How the F*** could this happen and what to do with them?...They still hold a charge...

Thx for any insight, thoughts, tips and jokes in advance...

aka Aflan popped_lipos.jpg



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That's what happens when you use your batteries in low quality cars. You should have stick to Arrma. :D:D:D

It looks that they puff a little and the hard cover split down the middle. Time for disposal and buy new ones. :oops::oops:

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