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Arrma RC's
  1. Fury
What weight shock oil was stock on the rear of the fury? first run, first 10 mins after I come home from school I run the fury into the curb, popped the shock cap, no oil left on the rear left....:oops::(

plz halp
any brand you would recommend as well?
I have Associated 40w in the rear of mine. 30 or 35w in the front. Arrma shows 350cst for shock fluid, but I don't know how that equates. The 40w really settled mine down over the rough stuff.
on the manual it says to fill it all the way to the top, is that true?
Yes. As you turn the cap back on, slowly push the shaft up. You'll have a small amount of fluid leak out as the cap is tightened. this is good. Once the cap is tight, let go of the shaft and it should extend 3-4mm on its own.
This video might help. Keep in mind there are different types of shocks. The Fury uses an aeration style shock but there's no bleeder hole so you have do like MSgt says and let the excess oil bleed out past the threads of the cap while your screwing it on. Bleeder holes make this job much easier and less messy because you know exactly where the oil will emerge. Other shock types use a diaphragm which I find preferable. They have much less mess and are way easier to balance left/right shocks.

That's probably because Arrma is the basher division of Team Durango which is a European company. CST is a more accurate measure since it is consistent. Wt can vary from brand to brand. So if you've swapped from a CST oil to Acme brand 30 wt I would strongly suggest staying with Acme brand always. That way when you try to tune your shocks you will be able to accurately judge if you are going up or down in viscosity and by how much.
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