Kraton Mamba monster 2 hpi tork 2200

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Des Moines Iowa
Arrma RC's
  1. Senton 6s
I got this kraton on trade with that motor and esc. Well on 6s it is slow like to the point I think my sons brushed volcano could almost keep up with it I did get the programming card with it I just have no clue what to do with everything. And another thing it has 3.8 trenchers and the tires struggle to turn sitting. It had a savox sw 0231 in it so I pulled the savox sa1230 out of my senton and made I little improvement but still struggles.
That motor ESC combo should be pretty fast. What pinion gear is in it? Should be a 13 or 14. On 6s, it should be a rocket. May have something wrong with the motor. Take the pinion off and run the motor, should sound smooth
It is a 14. I took of the gear and ran the motor it sounds normal but I'm new to the electric end of rc so not 100% sure. I did make a vid of it but not sure how to put the vid up on here.
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I only have 4 3s and I tried just a 3s in the rustler that has the same hpi motor and a mamba pro and it ran like a raped ape.
Can the wires from esc be in wrong order that would allow it to work but not at full potential? Reason I say is they are all black. I will run the field link and see what everything is.

Cut off voltage=0
Auto cutoff=3.2
Drag brake=0
Brake strength=50
Punch control=0
Reverse type=rev lockout
Motor type=brushless
Motor timing=normal 8 deg
I did calibrate the receiver. When I got this I got 2 3s lipo that are a little puffy and they both where dead to where a charge or balance would fail. So I charged a couple mins on nickel, then charged them on lipo but the first round it exceeded my chargers charge time and had to charge again. I notice they take a fair amount longer to charge than my new 3s batteries even when the cells between all 4 batteries where around the same. I'm not going to use them it's just this setup is all deans and I use xt90 so I'm waiting for my connectors to get here to convert the mamba to xt90 then I'll be able to use the new batteries. And since I was able to get them to charge I wanted to see this truck run, so mabey the batteries are the culprit even though they say 420 on 2 cells and 419 on the other. I could always try the new tatic rc/to that came with my senton since I replaced that setup.

Another thing I just thought could it be the differentials, cause I have a bag with a bunch of diff parts he gave me as well? What should be in front center and rear, he gave me 2 bottles a 50 and 100?
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You need to make sure your drivetrain it in working order, no binding. Then make sure you have good battery's? Report back with fresh cells, and no binding.
Well I hade a couple connectors left over so I made a xt90 to deans so I could put one of my new 3s in the truck. End results on 3s it ran pretty fast, I'd say faster than the other 2 3s batteries combined. So guess those batteries are completely junk even though they say they are full charged just not getting the punch out of them. I looked over the truck and the servo saver was all the way down so I spun it about half way up and now the tires move a lot better. Guessing he ran it down for a period of time and wore the plastic a bit which I'm guessing is why I have to have it screwed up as far as it is.
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